Multipraktik is an art organization based on anarchical approaches to contemporary culture. 

Our goal is to promote multi-medial (multipractical) views of art without a style or genre limits of any kind which would particularly block and restrain experimenting and development of contemporary art. Having in mind that today's ordinary people and especially artists receive and consume enormous amounts of mainstream and indie art, we consider that it is essential to openly synthesize different, contradictory styles and ideas without any restraints. Therefore, in our future we will try to promote such artists that are not afraid to, in terms of art, to walk into the sphere of total disrespect of existing classical standards and art making processes. 

The idea of Multipraktik was born in Belgrade, Serbia, in the summer of 2005. Its purpose was and still is - to express a wide array of creative needs of artists for production and prosperity without any culturally or politically biased influences. Boiling in ideas, over the years of organizing parties and exhibitions MTP has grown into a massive project and it is still growing. 

At the beginning of 2008 MTP crew decided to utilize their extensive experience in DJ-ing, organizing public events combined with displays of inventive graphic design and mixed art forms, so it became a public project with a distinctive goal of connecting artists from a broad audio/visual specter as well as garnering a dedicated followers that enjoys and contributes to positive changes in all levels of contemporary cultural life.

Multipraktik Recordings is a branch of MTP that is primarily interested in promotion of electronic music, especially artists skilled in multiple areas of audio/visual art and is always open for cooperation with young unsigned artists as well as with established artists, so feel free to contact us.

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