Owning feelings!

Owning feelings brings priceless rewards on personal level and owning personal level brings relief and clarity.

Then owning clarity brings confusion
‘Till owning relief brings much appreciated gift.

When you freak out from clarity, look at yourself as that’s you, accept that!
No shame in what you see, that’s your gift that you got for free!

No need to freak out from clarity as it’s not illusion. Just real you and confusion.

Wants and needs mix with good intentions without any evil action!

Then in owning relief you will feel liberation, freedom and respect trough communication as you deserve that gift as perfection of life.
But every day you learn something new, never forget that as that’s true.

And never again do those evil things, you could have some benefit indeed if you just learn to speak, friendly and normal not week, not scared half in despair, that is fair, spice it other way communicate freely and normally, with good intentions hey, hey...

Hey, difference is huge as it feels humanoid need for another human being!
Is all you need in life full of greed and indeed owning your true need and what you stand for as specific breed in this world…

So owning feelings and your true nature brings pain and clarification, healing and path that is chosen even if that means being loser, manic or in panic just for saying hello seems problematic!

Bipolar maybe why not crazy, seems blazing no one is blaming.
Pervert in soul tried all, brings soon more...
For all perverted needs that people are badly in need of touch and care though communication, be aware.
And little touch through nurturing soul, enjoying with each other that’s all and no more…

                                                                                 By MW