Officer of False Pee Dee


Officer of False Pee Dee is in love with me,

he never learned how decent to be!

He likes threatening me to feed his insecurities.

That officer of False PD of V

So real piece of trash used to threaten and abuse!

Then goes into hiding like a blown-out fuse.

This made so many issues to me and my family,

with his sneaky activities and buddies,

narcyArtsy buddies…Never really Arty…


So what is his name?! 

It rhymes with Brew, but don’t let that fool you.

This is a person who likes despair! Damaged beyond repair…

He wants me to admit things I never did?!

Just to feel better about his greed.

Drives drunk and smokes pot, then blames me that I do DUI a lot. 

Hey Brew, (Real) Karma will hit you like a BC pot that you are smoking a lot! 

With tons of bricks on your head so you wish you are dead! 

Same you wished for me and all your buddies. 

I need to admit that he is the biggest piece of shit!


I like police here, always a good experience, with RCMP/VPD,

and Sherif Mary, lol.

Except with Brew, follower of False PD, and their aggressive stance of V.

Said he’d like to see what will I do if someone tries to crash in me?!

And almost to be, fucking almost bee.

He should go to court because of threatening and quiet teaching me! 

On polygraph, I could go, because I am honest and going with the flow…

Or give me a serum of truth, it’ll let my tongue loose ;)


He likes inflicting trauma on purpose, with fear and confusion...

That false officer of false Pee on Whole Dee… 

Don’t fuck with me in the beautiful Vancouver that I’m trying to live in!


Free counselling for him, and whole Pee on whole Dee, please…

Let me just finish it, flush it…

Wanna keep me in fear that peace of no wit!

For almost two years is one of the people who almost made me crazy. 

Unexpected and unacceptable! Unforgotten and unforgivable!  


Hello Brew! Told you with who I grew up too.

Part 1: A free tip for him, find love that will help your soul grow!

It’s never too late, spoiled immature brat in 65 years, 

let go of control as it’s anxiety and fear! Of me :( … Sad indeed!

The only person he's supposed to be scared off is himself…


Part 2: hopefully will never come as that would mean someone ended dead, exactly like Zed and his friend Ned

So better be nice and kind, spread love not fear, live and let live!


                                                          By MW