Level 4

Sounds awesome: nothing more...
So this is me at level 4.
How many levels more!?
So this is me at level 4, as I needed more
Went to VGH to ask those peeps can they give me tits.
During my work experience in Vancouver
Nothing can be approved... Is that Canada, Vancouver?

No it’s not a shame on you...
What did you bring here? And avoiding the truth!
Old School too...
How disgusted people are, but can we just talk and go far?
Far from any imaginary struggle without anyone, even mother.
What is the problem with little communication, that’s how we are the same without any action!
So thought woman to become, maybe better job to have as that’s seems only way
But, no tits for me covered by MSP as they told me…
Check in Abc. Cc with me and we will see...
Love already sent to you, use it for good and true!
You don’t need tits but badly need beats saying Dr. Slow fingers... who!?
And Love will always be with you if you stop abusing your fake truth.

Acceptance, have you heard about that? So you struggle your whole life trying something you can’t…
But U2, you can’t be a woman, said another me. Become a psychopath, that’s your breed!

But the truth is waiting very close, maybe I could be a horse or beaver...
Enjoy near rivers or the beautiful ocean without commotion.
Missing Dragging, Dragan, Dragon and excursion to Squamish,
Beaver of course and heron John that is smoking Joint!
So when eagle showed up completely blazed up, heron John took him on a side and spoke up:
How are you doing brother eagle younger?
Sideshow blender, fender surrender, situation creator … Do you maybe have tits size 3, because of divinity?
Wiggle eagle inhaled one deep smoke and right away called his doc...
Hey Doc, how are you? Are you still growing?
I need 3 kilos of weed and love indeed!
Without tripping ping anything and some tits too for some idiot that wants beets woohoo.

Right away Dr. Kurc said: will be ready in 12 minutes!
We’ll call Freddy to be ready for you brother eagle…
Mingle, single, seagull eagle...
Bimbl, lymbl said Dr. Kurc to Heron John who looked at the watch and said: Do we have time for little scotch?
It’s done! After 5 minutes Weegle, eagle younger…Told us to prepare for receiving 3 kilos of weed, tea indeed and 3 tits for urgent need.
In half an hour we were full with flowers and 3 tits for special needs, drank tea from a magical bee and proceeded directly to Vancouver hospital generally…
They said this is not right. Please smoke a little pipe and find love that nurtures your soul, enjoy the rest of life with love and family brothers and sometimes visit mother and father…

Ok, saying what to do when tits are forbidden too and for a better job you need to be a snob and abuser why not looser, mentally ill with a couple of degrees and narcotic marks like sharks from dark! 

Ok, Dr. said, go back to bed and we will see did you drink tea from a bee as it makes people crazy so they become lazy... And who told you to install tits???
Well it’s from class and teaching about witching and sexual frustration that is flowing around my new city!
So it’s about young men and their imaginary wish to become wo-man and have small babies and little dogs yup that’s all cute yo but will ruin what we have all!
Prove yourself another way bro! She will love you as The Man you are, promise you that bro!
You will be proud! Father or not doesn’t really matter! But what matters is you Bro!
YOU as yourself you know who you are! 

Find passion and solution that you already got plus you are Canadian now bro!
That means something and it’s not for you to joke!

Don’t play with spells and magic or Abraka focus. I will turn you into a frog without any pokus..
So ok I found a solution and it’s about emotions at the end without any illusions!
Little Love that nurtures the soul doesn’t matter what and how all! Through honest communication and little action 
If you take care of it all! Just a little, with soul and laughter for all…
That’s something that every soul wants.
Discover that and parks too!

With good old school masturbation that will bring attention to the right things we have there as we don’t like or want misery and despair!
It’s no joke at all you will need to stand tall!
I need it as my spine is in need! Lol
Better cry a little and be healthy, or stay an asshole in Canada forever and never be wealthy!
Asshole forever, Asshole forever, Asshole forever!
Pay attention to what you are doing!

Lot of people wanna blow me tripping they know me! 
Chill out you bastardized bastard please take spicy mustard and put it on your eyes to feel that surprise also in your nose and breathe deep like a horse! 
Of course in ass too and yell woohoo... Horse of course…

So it’s all true and pain too as it’s scary when no one speaks about nothing boo
Then ghosting without hosting and again abusers but that’s now for losers!
Full life exposure without closure!

                                                                                  By MW