I am in love


I am in love, and when I am in love I make a song.

What else to do when I am in love with you?

She is she, in love with me but is it indeed?

How strange that is when you don’t know what it is.


She is not ghosting, she is hosting, and I am trying to be cool and not a fool but also not tense,

giving her space to properly choose me, of course.

Who else will understand that space and healthy wish for growing,

and constant flowing plus all that knowing who we are and how damaged so far,

with inner kids that now enjoy each other knowing in bliss who they are.


Because she is my queen and deserves me whole, without me hiding behind a wall,

or masks, or hidden emotions, or even behind the ocean.

So show her full myself and dick too, completely vulnerable who hoo

Then she saw my vulnerable ass and survived without a fuss.

Started yelling at me give me, give me, please have me and never leave me, want me and wish me, kiss me, hug me, never disregard me and my emotions or I will make a commotion!

Commotion in your head, or in freezer, near Christmas turkey and frozen potato on the forever road in trunk to ghetto.

She then told I want you to love me!

And deeply respect me, every morning kiss me, smile give me, always support me, pain relief give me, stay here with me, kiss me, touch me, hug me...

Shocked and in confusion, pinched myself and saw it’s not illusion, than better to double check,

slapped myself 7 times and seeing it’s still true, looks like I am in love, surprise…

She is true and exists, plus wants real me how I am indeed, so I can be myself happy every day, waiting her look on me hopefully she can love me and fully know me…

Now even bigger confusion this all is not illusion or fake, or cheap but she’ deep and not lazy, or in any panic while I struggle like a rabbit or even cormorant, probably having shoulder disorder, then seems I am getting older or colder!

But that’s not issue as she has sweet warm soul, and doesn’t sweat at all while I am sweating like a pig at night so all looks like emergency shelter of Mr. Otter, who is constantly in water.




                                                                                            By MW