Officer of False Pee Dee


Officer of False Pee Dee is in love with me,

he never learned how decent to be!

He likes threatening me to feed his insecurities.

That officer of False PD of V

So real piece of trash used to threaten and abuse!

Then goes into hiding like a blown-out fuse.

This made so many issues to me and my family,

with his sneaky activities and buddies,

narcyArtsy buddies…Never really Arty…


So what is his name?! 

It rhymes with Brew, but don’t let that fool you.

This is a person who likes despair! Damaged beyond repair…

He wants me to admit things I never did?!

Just to feel better about his greed.

Drives drunk and smokes pot, then blames me that I do DUI a lot. 

Hey Brew, (Real) Karma will hit you like a BC pot that you are smoking a lot! 

With tons of bricks on your head so you wish you are dead! 

Same you wished for me and all your buddies. 

I need to admit that he is the biggest piece of shit!


I like police here, always a good experience, with RCMP/VPD,

and Sherif Mary, lol.

Except with Brew, follower of False PD, and their aggressive stance of V.

Said he’d like to see what will I do if someone tries to crash in me?!

And almost to be, fucking almost bee.

He should go to court because of threatening and quiet teaching me! 

On polygraph, I could go, because I am honest and going with the flow…

Or give me a serum of truth, it’ll let my tongue loose ;)


He likes inflicting trauma on purpose, with fear and confusion...

That false officer of false Pee on Whole Dee… 

Don’t fuck with me in the beautiful Vancouver that I’m trying to live in!


Free counselling for him, and whole Pee on whole Dee, please…

Let me just finish it, flush it…

Wanna keep me in fear that peace of no wit!

For almost two years is one of the people who almost made me crazy. 

Unexpected and unacceptable! Unforgotten and unforgivable!  


Hello Brew! Told you with who I grew up too.

Part 1: A free tip for him, find love that will help your soul grow!

It’s never too late, spoiled immature brat in 65 years, 

let go of control as it’s anxiety and fear! Of me :( … Sad indeed!

The only person he's supposed to be scared off is himself…


Part 2: hopefully will never come as that would mean someone ended dead, exactly like Zed and his friend Ned

So better be nice and kind, spread love not fear, live and let live!


                                                          By MW





I am in love


I am in love, and when I am in love I make a song.

What else to do when I am in love with you?

She is she, in love with me but is it indeed?

How strange that is when you don’t know what it is.


She is not ghosting, she is hosting, and I am trying to be cool and not a fool but also not tense,

giving her space to properly choose me, of course.

Who else will understand that space and healthy wish for growing,

and constant flowing plus all that knowing who we are and how damaged so far,

with inner kids that now enjoy each other knowing in bliss who they are.


Because she is my queen and deserves me whole, without me hiding behind a wall,

or masks, or hidden emotions, or even behind the ocean.

So show her full myself and dick too, completely vulnerable who hoo

Then she saw my vulnerable ass and survived without a fuss.

Started yelling at me give me, give me, please have me and never leave me, want me and wish me, kiss me, hug me, never disregard me and my emotions or I will make a commotion!

Commotion in your head, or in freezer, near Christmas turkey and frozen potato on the forever road in trunk to ghetto.

She then told I want you to love me!

And deeply respect me, every morning kiss me, smile give me, always support me, pain relief give me, stay here with me, kiss me, touch me, hug me...

Shocked and in confusion, pinched myself and saw it’s not illusion, than better to double check,

slapped myself 7 times and seeing it’s still true, looks like I am in love, surprise…

She is true and exists, plus wants real me how I am indeed, so I can be myself happy every day, waiting her look on me hopefully she can love me and fully know me…

Now even bigger confusion this all is not illusion or fake, or cheap but she’ deep and not lazy, or in any panic while I struggle like a rabbit or even cormorant, probably having shoulder disorder, then seems I am getting older or colder!

But that’s not issue as she has sweet warm soul, and doesn’t sweat at all while I am sweating like a pig at night so all looks like emergency shelter of Mr. Otter, who is constantly in water.




                                                                                            By MW







This morning some duck gave me a letter and it’s written there clearly how much she needs me. Quack, quack and quack what’s this all about?
Plus a song? Then letter... then I realized I am still sleeping dreaming Decaf Mocha covered with grapes and vanilly...
Woke up early as usual with no confusion.
Then step on a left leg, right on cat and head in closet.
Thinking….what the heck!?

Books for new round found me hiding around trying to recover from last exam and I have new pullover lover and also I need to clean liver. 

Bcrcc pull me over and asked where are you going glowing like a commercial drive commercial?
I told them I am loving and need flowing, loud music, dance with friends who are growing.
Not growing on another’s struggle, consciously knowing what you are doing?
Officer said, I am not your friend, and give me the license and medical card so I can check are you coo coo or what?

Ok, I said, there you go, my friend. Just to let you know I am from Central Kotez South Belgrade but Eastern Canado European Friend!
Oh, why didn’t you say that you are ECEFC's friend?
Are you DUY, Sbb, or maybe ccc.c and you want to confuse me? Said officer Cranberry (from Turkey).
No, no, no please, I know you are police and just giving my info to you so I can proceed my way and woohoo...
Haha, ECEFC there you go, ID and please little more quickly, quietly with that melody from your car as people sleep around and you,
Raving rebirth in the middle of night in town, does she really LOVE you that’s a question, right?
As you really don’t want to spend time like horse watching in one direction without any affection, love, or direction mutual affection and friendly open communication!

Ok I said, you are right and clever officer Cranberry friend, thank you for this lecture and wise words about affection.
And love that nurtures soul, I am already giving all, and do like what I am getting back, plus with snack and love in backpack.
Where are you coming from with that direction, seems like some European incident accident accent affection, but I could note 43 and south-central Kotez generally!

Yes indeed, I am ECEFC from Belgrade 43. Living at the moment in BC and need little sound, new apartment studio size in town at English Bay English near beach 1, 2 and 3,
Near saint Stanley, so I can proceed with being manly and spilling love around like I am Canadian goose just came from Victoria town and shitting around 
I am so confused now but will find you around if this is not true and you may be laying, will learn flying…
No, no, don’t worry anything, continue providing law and greeting people with have a great day bro, head nod too, left right, left right, you really need to be always right?

So there you go gift for you too and you know what, just be happy and you will see the truth.
I also thought that I need a lot or that I want to be special force and pull people by the nose but I can’t as I will play with taser lot and tase maze half of community just because they are avoiding unity.
Well, you can’t do that here said officer Cranberry from the place of fear and agony.
Oh, trust me I can, but we just don’t want all that again, inspire unity and love through my dear friend as 2022 is knocking loudly on our end.

Being right is always bright but winning indeed nothing between, so consciously choosing happiness not losing, not being right but always curiously bright.
And for the end, my dear friend however you want will be the result.
Because the result is all that you want.
But think what result will give you what you want?
We want something new, but you want something we already went through!
So, think through and let us know when you're ready for something new!
And overall flow...
Love you all! 




                                                                                  By MW





This morning


This morning after very exhausting night, where discussing vulnerability was right, but when you know yourself deep in core, and love can’t do anything bad to you at all. 
It’s just good chance for romance and hopefully something else.

Don’t think this is funny, living lonely life without a bunny.
I could love myself 100% darling, but want to give percentage to beautiful yourself.
And not a must that’s for sure!
I am booking place for loving myself,
but how about loving someone else?
That’s something to be discovered as life is passing, and I am not messing or guessing!

It’s so powerful knowing what you want, and you can communicate that without regret as everything is drama but comedy these days, it’s funny new word dramedy.

Or maybe we’re discovering maturity, trying to expand energy through unity that will come eventually, if we can wait patiently.
Now, it’s not song it’s true, dance baby, dance, only you are feeling that energy whoo hoo, or coo-coo, who knows we will see whatever will be will be.

Universe indeed wants us together, only we can work on this without even spirits.
It’s small line between this and that, but let’s not judge and never regret, at least I am about that.

Don’t mix trauma from past unrelated to us, love yourself first and then us,
after all that love everyone else without fuss.

But habits, hearts from rabbits,
please don’t be scared of love, and don’t be rabbit with a bad habit.
And I am so sorry all, this song is supposed to be about Saint Stanley as he did bring his friend Davie 
So, this morning after chewing my emotions I decided to go with motion, and gave plenty space with little grace.
It’s situation, don’t need you but want you without even questioning myself, but you darling think for yourself, and don’t think destiny has magic switch where everything is so clear like the bleach.
So leave past, bring future, let it go!
let’s go in, bring soul nurture, find solutions, as it’s so easy being honest and not sleazy.
Plus loving us is not hard.
But so easy!

Finally about Saint Stanley and his glorious friend Davie.
Davie stands 24 feat tall, bright, inquisitive, inclusive, and playful for all.
Davie also brings story about BC Grizzlies also his glory, and wants to achieve having guardians many so please visit and ask Saint Stanley.
He also has a story about rebirth and regret,
No one is so special that you loose yourself, please remember that!
But deal with emotions proper way, owning yourself without any regret.
Loving and loving because I am knowing, that I am loving and loving, not afraid of flowing.

Saint Heron Stanley wise indeed, yelling like grizzly Bear Davie.
A after going B, later on C, remember happiness please and re discover it, reinvent yourself trough communication but be honest to yourself and your lovely action.
I am as I know when seeing that flow, of energy in you and what you can do…

Than she told me: I am here to love me, and be about myself without regret.
Oki doki cookie, love yourself as I am loving myself too, but all this is my compromise, as I am all about bliss, and not drama from Dollarama please!
Not even blaming, or searching for needle in hay! Heey, just pure love and communication, enjoyment with partner who wants some action.. That’s all, but wait I want Jet too! Please also Moose or horse and why not morse, eagle of course but let’s first ask Saint Stanley what he recommends for us and Grizzly bear Davie.

Absolutely nothing, except more love and appreciation, just a little action in right direction, pinch of affection trough lovely communication. Without fear or past, or wrong thoughtful action!

That’s all, and try to ask me same question again and you’re going in ocean, with a lot commotion! Said Grizzly bear Davie rooooooaring towards Denman i Saint Stanley, where Whale indeed came to hear beat, and stand tall observing what’s hoovering above us all but that’s for another morning.
Wish you all good evening or morning!




                                                                                            By MW





Proper vacation with camera action



Sitting like that at the nudist beach…

Proper vacation after 6 years...

Where, how, what, don’t call The Police.


Sunbathing ass on a naked beach, missing my heron from English Bay bench!


Then completely suddenly seeing that witch

Freak out completely on that same beach


Balls gone, fear going on then suddenly seeing drone (watching my dick in the zone)

At the same time camera above me watching my balls in divinity…


Exhibitionist that’s me, huge fetish it is

Probably with ease, seeing tease, so thank you for it, fulfilling it, fetish indeed from just sunbathing, doesn’t matter that camera is there and seeing my balls from everywhere.


And all other BS from them, there at the beach, one sunny day...


But missing English Bay and Herron landing,

Probably as he is indeed friendly...


Told me a lot of wisdom how this and that but never speak about it you old bat.


But when I went to swim, shark showed up and freaked me out, what is shark doing in the lake, observing my balls from the dark


I saw that shark and her intention…….

To chew my dick with specific action...


Omg what the heck to do at least have my balls and tu turutu tu

Remembered Bear grilled Grills and how he’s making bills, jumped in front of shark even if it’s dark….

Stood there naked, protected my mood and priceless balls, so I hit shark with dick at the nose, shark then escaped through the woods with bleeding nose, people start helping but she’s yelling: leave me alone..


Complete confusion and illusion but stand tall…

Another drone again flowing around my balls, and asking on speakerphone who hit shark in the nose?!


Authorities than came asking who to blame, who hit the shark with dick? C’mon it’s shame…

It’s not me at all, just protecting my balls and seeing my dick still standing ya all..

So it was someone else, with proper case and diving gear with no pleasire 


Police observed the scene, thinking who to blame for attacked shark during day and dark

Suddenly shark came completely ashamed choking with Blake with who played game in local pub... Near first attack... She was hungry: Fuuck


Shark than explained I am here for blaming as I wanted younger to satisfy my hunger and I wanted more to chew his ball but hit me in the nose with big hose..


Detective Maple having a lot of apple and asking shark what’s that in the dark?


I am stupid I am sorry, I will never achieve glory as I wanted to chew his balls off but being hit with dick at the nose.

It’s my fault I was hungry now ashamed and don’t have who to blame so I ate Blake in mid of game..


Handcuffs on hands for murdering Blake and attacking in lake for god’s sake.


Back on beach in person with witch smoked that joint and went flowing…

Later on joined us detective Maple in person with 6 kilo of apples, broccoli and little weed for urgent need and told us: You kids, gave me those 3 tits as captain Suffer is missing beats so he would like his wife to have 3 tits.

But how, that would be 5?!




                                                                                  By MW





Owning feelings!



Owning feelings brings priceless rewards on personal level and owning personal level brings relief and clarity.


Then owning clarity brings confusion
‘Till owning relief brings much appreciated gift.


When you freak out from clarity, look at yourself as that’s you, accept that!
No shame in what you see, that’s your gift that you got for free!

No need to freak out from clarity as it’s not illusion. Just real you and confusion.

Wants and needs mix with good intentions without any evil action!


Then in owning relief you will feel liberation, freedom and respect trough communication as you deserve that gift as perfection of life.
But every day you learn something new, never forget that as that’s true.

And never again do those evil things, you could have some benefit indeed if you just learn to speak, friendly and normal not week, not scared half in despair, that is fair, spice it other way communicate freely and normally, with good intentions hey, hey...

Hey, difference is huge as it feels humanoid need for another human being!
Is all you need in life full of greed and indeed owning your true need and what you stand for as specific breed in this world…


So owning feelings and your true nature brings pain and clarification, healing and path that is chosen even if that means being loser, manic or in panic just for saying hello seems problematic!

Bipolar maybe why not crazy, seems blazing no one is blaming.
Pervert in soul tried all, brings soon more...
For all perverted needs that people are badly in need of touch and care though communication, be aware.
And little touch through nurturing soul, enjoying with each other that’s all and no more…



                                                                                 By MW



Level 4

Sounds awesome: nothing more...      
So this is me at level 4. 
How many levels more!?
So this is me at level 4, as I needed more
Went to VGH to ask those peeps can they give me tits.
During my work experience in Vancouver
Nothing can be approved... Is that Canada, Vancouver?

No it’s not a shame on you...
What did you bring here? And avoiding the truth!
Old School too...
How disgusted people are, but can we just talk and go far?
Far from any imaginary struggle without anyone, even mother.
What is the problem with little communication, that’s how we are the same without any action!
So thought woman to become, maybe better job to have as that’s seems only way
But, no tits for me covered by MSP as they told me…
Check in Abc. Cc with me and we will see...
Love already sent to you, use it for good and true!
You don’t need tits but badly need beats saying Dr. Slow fingers... who!?
And Love will always be with you if you stop abusing your fake truth.

Acceptance, have you heard about that? So you struggle your whole life trying something you can’t…
But U2, you can’t be a woman, said another me. Become a psychopath, that’s your breed!

But the truth is waiting very close, maybe I could be a horse or beaver...
Enjoy near rivers or the beautiful ocean without commotion.
Missing Dragging, Dragan, Dragon and excursion to Squamish,
Beaver of course and heron John that is smoking Joint!
So when eagle showed up completely blazed up, heron John took him on a side and spoke up:
How are you doing brother eagle younger?
Sideshow blender, fender surrender, situation creator … Do you maybe have tits size 3, because of divinity?
Wiggle eagle inhaled one deep smoke and right away called his doc...
Hey Doc, how are you? Are you still growing?
I need 3 kilos of weed and love indeed!
Without tripping ping anything and some tits too for some idiot that wants beets woohoo.

Right away Dr. Kurc said: will be ready in 12 minutes!
We’ll call Freddy to be ready for you brother eagle…
Mingle, single, seagull eagle...
Bimbl, lymbl said Dr. Kurc to Heron John who looked at the watch and said: Do we have time for little scotch?
It’s done! After 5 minutes Weegle, eagle younger…Told us to prepare for receiving 3 kilos of weed, tea indeed and 3 tits for urgent need.
In half an hour we were full with flowers and 3 tits for special needs, drank tea from a magical bee and proceeded directly to Vancouver hospital generally…
They said this is not right. Please smoke a little pipe and find love that nurtures your soul, enjoy the rest of life with love and family brothers and sometimes visit mother and father…

Ok, saying what to do when tits are forbidden too and for a better job you need to be a snob and abuser why not looser, mentally ill with a couple of degrees and narcotic marks like sharks from dark! 

Ok, Dr. said, go back to bed and we will see did you drink tea from a bee as it makes people crazy so they become lazy... And who told you to install tits???
Well it’s from class and teaching about witching and sexual frustration that is flowing around my new city!
So it’s about young men and their imaginary wish to become wo-man and have small babies and little dogs yup that’s all cute yo but will ruin what we have all!
Prove yourself another way bro! She will love you as The Man you are, promise you that bro!
You will be proud! Father or not doesn’t really matter! But what matters is you Bro!
YOU as yourself you know who you are! 

Find passion and solution that you already got plus you are Canadian now bro!
That means something and it’s not for you to joke!

Don’t play with spells and magic or Abraka focus. I will turn you into a frog without any pokus..
So ok I found a solution and it’s about emotions at the end without any illusions!
Little Love that nurtures the soul doesn’t matter what and how all! Through honest communication and little action 
If you take care of it all! Just a little, with soul and laughter for all…
That’s something that every soul wants.
Discover that and parks too!

With good old school masturbation that will bring attention to the right things we have there as we don’t like or want misery and despair!
It’s no joke at all you will need to stand tall!
I need it as my spine is in need! Lol
Better cry a little and be healthy, or stay an asshole in Canada forever and never be wealthy!
Asshole forever, Asshole forever, Asshole forever!
Pay attention to what you are doing!

Lot of people wanna blow me tripping they know me! 
Chill out you bastardized bastard please take spicy mustard and put it on your eyes to feel that surprise also in your nose and breathe deep like a horse! 
Of course in ass too and yell woohoo... Horse of course…

So it’s all true and pain too as it’s scary when no one speaks about nothing boo
Then ghosting without hosting and again abusers but that’s now for losers!
Full life exposure without closure!

                                                                                  By MW





Magnificent she is, energy tease 

She never was loved properly like cheese

Scared from police, she always doubts how powerful she is.

I thought she didn't exist but then energy tease released… Eh

Reminded me that I still exist and what I want is the fusion of love that’s supposed to be all! 

Fulfilling life and nurturing each other without a narcissist racist mother!

She almost made me feel like cheese...


You are not cheese said another me

Pull yourself together we are all in need!

To sit and talk and find solution as future will tell us:

Sorry but you had a solution!

Sorry but you had resources!

Sorry but you had money too!

You had everything but are a stubborn breed, fool in need!

Never indeed felt true love, gave up from life, money withdrawn, nose in coke, always wishing more and more like the crow!

Stuck in smoke through the misery of life!

Go fuck yourself it’s true, your narcotic need cost lot of people lives indeed!

Fuck off…!

But, magnificent she is….

And that’s all, better to love myself and find true love.



                                                                                 By MW




Hot In the City



It was so hot, but now it’s not!

Same for stupidity... And legality...

Legality of things that are forbidden...

Here you don’t see them

In Van some use them even if forbidden!

How stupid one can be, abusing all in need...

That’s your sick need...

Now rain falls down, 25 degrees in town.

Peaceful 100% and everyone likes that...


Something to be discovered there as it’s not cool making despair! 

Your misery spreads like hell

Consequences of promoting despair for you don’t exist as you don’t like living in peace!


Discover parks too as in parks you will find truth!

Risk and try whatever and you will be rich forever! 

Rich with experience, you plonker! 


With love spice it and simply enjoy it

Because parks are for discovering truth as that’s how you grow


Plus when you discover communication there will be action

And when you accept your truth, blessings then for you!

Simple as that, boo!

But you’re avoiding the truth, scared from results indeed, crazy how much you give a fuck.

Give a fuck for yourself at least, then fuck peace and police, if that’s your goal you shit never experience proper beat!

As you are peace of shit!


                                                                                     By MW






More and more…



It’s such a beautiful day, birds and kids everywhere, even flying Dutch showed up in town.

Batman can’t believe what’s going on!


Lies, lies, lies… Manipulators with no life or soul but they need more, more, more…

More of what? No one knows… But they still need more...

You will get more, nothing to worry about it 

How and what way that can be? You will see!

But unfortunately…..Too late it will be…!


Then you will ask yourself why oh why I needed more! 

Why oh why I did bad to others!

They could be my brothers, sisters too!


And indeed only crow is allowed to ask for more, as crow is crow... She knows why she needs more…

So you like threatening?!

Stop talking, they said, stop living human being.

Like I am dead...


Oh so you’re artist, fucking racist punk...

Never experience true fun because of evil marks!

Tattoo on the brain with a narcotic mark gave you a narcissistic mother from hell and dark!

How much you are traumatized is visible from the plane.

Even the pilot told me: just watch and don’t engage.

Towards always angry racist full of hate

They will just gaslight from a miserable place! 


Nothing fucking will change ‘till we stand like one!

Than another whose soul deserve more can’t get more except alcohol 

And that’s not the law…

What law, that’s not law...


Karma eating your soul as you wanted more!

On another ones’ struggle and horror of the soul you wanted more…

Life consequences now are eating your soul!

Shame and fuck on you miserable soul you indeed don’t deserve more!


So now you have kids and story going more and more you’re asking yourself how stupid I am as I just wished for more.

More of what? You don’t know as blindly asking for more...


You will get more, you will get more…


Truth will set you free and your lies we will see 

Unfortunately as stupidity is like disease or Covid it is... 

And story about the hamster seems to be true, jeez

The End


                                                                                  By MW





Honesty and Glory                 


Honesty and glory against addiction!

When people stop seeing it as eviction!

Will tell you more, but doesn’t matter now...

Clock is ticking faster than ever and we don’t want to be forever gone!


Don’t die young one! Hope is coming quickly

You are not alone and will be on your right way swiftly!


When you experience what means there is no one! 

In city full of people must be at least someone!


Never ever be quiet or don’t want to listen!?

If you respond or work even near anyone who struggle to walk, speak and listen!


Because Ignorance almost destroyed us!

Drugs replacing buddies in imaginary world where there is no one!

People seeing mobile phone as that uncle Rod…


Maybe this is the end or just beginning but I will always pick side that’s with logic winning.


Logic and sanity go arm in arm together,

Hey emotion c’mon with us we are all together!

It’s called life...


It’s not submission or being weak,

It’s just common sense in one week!

Common sense seems to be hard when people so much fool around!


Vulnerability means a lot, especially for one who think he knows a lot!

Maybe that it true but no one knows for sure

Doesn’t really matter as this is the cure


Inclusion illusion as it’s maybe me but how you know without checking with bee.


There is much more so you never guess

Better always ask properly and just rest!


Everything is allowed even to fuck around but do it with decency when you are around ;)

Whoever thinks moving around is fun that’s exactly one who fuck us around!


There is nothing useful in being first and right!

Misery is just ours and when end comes doesn’t really matter who is right!

(Repeat this one Van)


Please repeat this 100 times together as it’s not who but with who...

Understand finally that we are all together!


Ignorance is deadly, never forget that! At the same time it’s blessing, how about that…


Mistakes making daily through energy exploring!

Intentions will be visible even if you trolling!

And I will not be sorry ;)


Before that happens as it’s fucking science there is still a chance... There is still a chance...

There is still a chance...

Is there...???




                                                                                  By MW



Blind trust

Building it is hard but...fun

Blind trust through fun is like none

But so fun

When there is no one but everyone!

Again through fun.

Confusing as is but trust me it’s fun when you even know that there is no one!

But everyone...

It’s hard, it’s hard but with trust when it’s done will be so much fun.

Fun, fun, fun this needs to be done!

Suddenly even garbage truck brings fun

When you know and believe that can be done

For gods’ sake it’s just fun.

Fun, fun, fun...

Winning is not fun...

But eh again it can be done.

Nothing bad will happen with little trust even when one thinks they’re so done

We don’t need to die yells young one when there is so much fun

Please now turn on fun so we all can tell it’s done.

And with a little one...

Well, it will be fun...

When garbage trucks show up!

Then even garbage represents fun for little one when explained through fun

Recycling is also fun and needs to be done because of a young one!

From waste building can be done

And again because of young one

Young one doesn’t know for sure but he will find out that it is a cure.

Plastic eh same as waste we will produce things that no one will ever replace...

                                                                               By MW



Man and Woman


Woman and man as one

That seems impossible to be won

Sometimes it seems that it can be done!

But no one counts on egos run…


Competition always but why is like that

When people think being mad seems rad

No one knows what can be done

When suicide represents fun


Inception trough domination never brings fun

Even when everyone knows it’s done


Ruining lives seems that one is on

And someone is still having fun

Sadness and happiness walking together

Never look on the bright side as there is no one who can be together


Bringing someone smile seems hard

Just because other things are more fun

Where is that fun asks young one and why so much without anyone


Woman and man arm with leg forever

C’mon for sake of little ones we are all together!


Perceptions flows around ‘till we don’t get it better,

Destiny is on us, born again together!

Labor looks like chaos but it’s bringing life

Who are we to judge...

What is wrong and wright.


                                                                               By MW



Razz a Darling

Razz a Jazz or Razz someone else!
Or do that to yourself...
So you can grow and go with a flow
But, never overgrow!

Now in order to Razz 

You really need a jazz

So just enjoy and ask yourself where I could find joy
Joy, joy, joy 

Finally, when you find something

Which you will enjoy!
Let go of the past and open the door to joy
Hard as it seems, believe it and breathe!
Never doubt yourself and friend in need!

Razz a Jazz it is but truth is only one!
What do you believe? Asked one
I believe in Love she said to the man...
Do you know what’s love he asked again...
I am sorry it’s very late and I need to go see you at eight,

Let’s go with a flow...

O joy, joy, joy

What you can do he thinks at the end?

Razz a jazz darling and believe me, this is not the end!

Razz a darling

Eight o’clock is ticking, finally together,

She said to him Love is not a joke will we be forever together?

Razz a jazz ....and darling!

Two broken hearts finally together

Please don’t doubt in us this love is....

Razz a darling

This love is forever!

                                                                                      By MW



One plus one is two. Right?


One plus one is two... Right...
Two plus three is four? Should be more…
All I want in life is just to see you more!

Never imagine that someone wants more without talking first as that’s the law…

Someone just wants little peace and fun, through work that must be done!

But let’s not forget fun!
Having fun must be done!

As what’s life without fun, never gun!

Little work is also fun and with her even more fun!

That’s how job is done.                                                           


                                                                               By MW




Top, under and above.
Inside of course is the Dog…
Dog underdog, top dog jumping on the dog but still don’t have an actual dog.
Pet friendly situation making all underdog

‘Till top one actually is not dog at all.
Never explained what actually that dog is

So free will it is… Which actually became dangerous as this song is…
Danger for that dog that just wanted frog
Then we have hot dog without frog but with a poor dog.
Same like mason from basement eating frog
Important dog even if it’s frog...
So you never know is it frog or dog…
What if it’s moose that looks like dog who never ever saw a frog.
Pure confusion with that dog who just wanted a frog.
To lick and lick in order to get high, forgot the frog that is eating a dog...

Stand up! Speak up, NEVER Stop!


                                                                               By MW