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Evi OMsGurl - Holistic Nutrition

Evi is one amazing person and friend! She always has a kind word for you and is interested in helping people improve their health and lives in general. Evi has a great knowledge of natural healing and nutrition which she first incorporated in her own life routine and now shares it with everyone else.
True Canadian spirit!

Evi pronounced 'Ev-ee' is also known as OMsGurl online.
She is an empath and lightworker.
She believes in connecting with love to guide.
She is a registered holistic nutritionist graduate of CSNN 2019.
Her mission: empowering optimal holistic health and wellness.
She’s done much of her own healing, and is constantly learning, growing and expanding with her business: OurOM2hands (Website: OurOM2hands.com)

She is also a certified body worker who has done massage, and reiki level II. Certified reflexologist and yoga teacher level I.
Her BA is from Montreal QC, from Concordia University: major in anthropology, minor in theatre.
Looking at holistic health and wellness from
All perspectives across stories, expression, and culture.
Her own healing process includes, from the root having healed; ADHD, depression, anxiety, skin imbalances: eczema, and tinea versicolor, and most recently healed at the root without medication: hypothyroid.
Her calling and passion to empower optimal holistic health includes: holistic health and wellness
You can find more details about Evi's coaching programs on
OurOM2hands.com nutrition page as well as about optimal holistic health products via:

Another way to follow Evi is through her Youtube channel where she shares delicious receoies and nutrition advice suitable for the whole family!


Video description in Evi's words:

My work out outfit matches the smoothie bowl! Fun for kids and adults and everyone! You can add berries or bananas or sprinkles on top! Healthy and fun!!



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