MTP believes that strong community helps improve and grow ourselves which can change our and life of others drastically better. 
For this reason we aim to gather open minded creative people who are interested in building and participating in a vibrant art community. Main goal is to create fun and inspiring environment for all kinds of artists to create, communicate, share and enjoy in art. In this community you will be able to connect with fellow artists locally and globally. It is all about communication, sharing-caring, expansion, growth, healing, nurturing individual and mutual, as well as promoting culture of creative open discussion.

In this time of raising individualism it’s important to remember that we need to thank strong communities for that. One can find their true individual expression only when exposed to a variety of people, cultures, arts, foods, etc. Especially in a supportive environment where all these individuals work together towards mutual goals. It starts with the family of course but continues with every person we meet along the way. Over the course of life every individual participates in number of communities; each of them being equally important: family, neighbours, friends, fellow artists, colleagues, and more.
As we live in internet era, our plan is to utilize this great tool for growing MTP community. Of course, whenever doable we will organize ‘live’ events like exhibitions, art performances, parties and much more.
If you’re interested in participating in building this community we would love to hear from you, send us email through contact form.
Stay tuned for more news… 

August 01, 2022 in Vancouver, BC.


Art&Fact Jewelry - Perfection in Simplicity


I was surfing around Instagram, I like it as a sort of minimal, non toxic environment, but suddenly in the last couple of months I had to first block so many accounts, again passive aggressive messages like buy this soap for men and smell like you worked the whole day, women like that?! So sorry but I can’t, mom and dad taught me to never do that.
Then I stumbled upon jewelry that attracted my attention as it’s unique; and, it's not just about the jewelry. There is a soul in it connected to simple things about life that transferred to me easily. Perfection in simplicity, communication, little bravery, pinch of vulnerability, history too, that in this case made me understand everything better, especially observing the new men’s collection that I got to peek in and there you go, new jewellery for me. Coming next season, inspired by Real Man, Gentleman… is proud to present Art&Fact, jewelry artist from Belgrade, Serbia. Read more about the artist herself and her brand, and enjoy in the gallery of beautiful pieces of jewelry.

July 16, 2022 in Vancouver, BC.


Boris Delic - Martial Arts As A Way of Being


I met Boris while working at Samsung. At first, I didn't pay attention to his last name but it was constantly ringing in my ears as it's the same as the last name of my first big love. It turns out that Boris is her cousin. We connected quickly, especially over the love for martial arts.

And soon, Boris offered me to try the TKO (Taktika Kombinovane Odbrane - Combined Defense Tactics) as relaxation after pressure of work.




July 09, 2022 in Vancouver, BC.


Mexico Sagrado - Portal Into the Colourful Culture


A couple of weeks ago I went to a "silent disco" themed party, which was amazing but that is a story for another time. As I was mingling around we were all listening to the music on the headphones but constantly trying to communicate silently too, with our hands and mimics. The music was amazing too so what can we do?!
Everyone started dancing in "silence" and interacting with each other. At one point I started chatting with this guy from Mexico, in further text José :), and we quickly connected. José told me many interesting stories about Mexico and Indigenous cultures so I decided to promote him and his organization Mexico Sagrado. Continue reading the story from José himself and, omg look at that ART!



April 23, 2021 in Vancouver, BC.


Sid's Journey - On the path of personal growth


What is self love? We can all learn from Sid’s story.
This morning as every morning for the last two months I am wishing good morning to golden crew of people at the bench that saved my sanity and I can say life too as if you lose sanity, what you need life for?

I met Sid after moving here, he is one of super cool Canadians from the bench who is not afraid in terms of finding out new stuff and exploring life to the fullest to be little vulnerable and honest. He realized where the truth is…. in honesty! First towards ourselves, and others too so he helped me as a newcomer to understand things about community, and unity in general. Whole point here is in the kindness, communication and zero provocation and fakeness.
So, after a while of chatting we stumbled upon this subject how he lost a lot of pounds, and how that helped him later on through that fight and life.


May 01, 2021 in Vancouver, BC.


Inspired Cannabis - Building a positive experience


So I was wandering around English Bay... Decided that day looking at 11 tubes and jars with various products I got for my birthday that I am sick of all this and basically don’t need it or want it anymore in my life. I decided to find a place where I can safely dispose of it.

Then I stumbled upon an ‘Inspired Cannabis’ store and met this guy with such a great customer service attitude that my jaw dropped, which I told him of course. We exchanged important information about his customer service and also my experience from working years in customer oriented industries.


April 20, 2021 in Vancouver, BC.

Bettina Lee Harris - God's Cherish Bird

I met Bettina when I needed to meet her, I did ask her what she is doing?

She just wanted to lock lights so no one will steal them...But she could not reach them...

So what to do... I put my ‘tall as a pole’ into good usage and locked them...

Then we exchanged so many stories!

January 29, 2021 in Vancouver, BC.

Kathleen Mary - Power of Divine

We met Kathleen in Fort Langley recently and were immediately drawn by her amazing energy and kindness. She is an avid activist in Downtown Eastside, helping those in need. She is also very invested in the 'A Door to Everything' society which helps women in recovery from the addictions. Plus, Kathleen is established tarot reader, always there to offer a kind word and advice about your life path.

December 06, 2020 in Vancouver, BC.

Beya Design - Beauty inspired; Covid necessitated

Today we are presenting Chavisa and her Beya Design brand. We found Beya Design on Instagram and right away saw the great story and amazing person behind it. In these 'weird' Covid times we all need a bit of inspiration and soothing. Chavisa managed to perfectly combine beauty with functionality and a lot of care in her products. And we always like to promote Canadian artists who have community in their heart.

September 13, 2020 in Vancouver, BC.

Evi OMsGurl - Holistic Nutrition

Evi is one amazing person and friend! She always has a kind word for you and is interested in helping people improve their health and lives in general. Evi has a great knowledge of natural healing and nutrition which she first incorporated in her own life routine and now shares it with everyone else.
True Canadian spirit!

September 05, 2020 in Vancouver, BC.


Amethyst Creations - The Magic of Stones and The Blues


One Sunday wondering around Kitsilano we came by Amethyst Creations gem and mineral store. As soon as walked in we were overwhelmed by the beaty of all the various stones, gems and jewelry. Such an amazing store and people with great energy. No matter if you're searching some 'energy' stones for your spiritual needs, gems for your jewelry collection or if you're geologist and like beautiful stones you will find it here. You can buy stones and beads, bracelets and pendants, or have them custom make jewelry just for you.


June 20, 2020 in Vancouver, BC.


Roderic Matheson - Collage of Imagination


We met Rod one weekend night at Beaumont Studios. Rod is multidisciplinary and multi-talented established artist who makes amazing and vivid collages. Here we are presenting great text about Rod's art written by Lisa Swaren and one of his most recent works.


May 14, 2020 in Vancouver, BC.


Unity Yoga Tea House


Recently I had pleasure to meet Susan Horning, founder and owner of Unity Yoga Tea House, one of the staples in Commercial Drive community. We had a great conversation about yoga, teas, life and everything else. Susan is very versatile person with many talents, from yoga teaching to tinctures and teas she makes (and much more). She envisioned Unity Yoga as a place for healing and connection thus contributing to the community spirit. Even in this time of quarantine due to COVID-19, studio is commited to social connection and offering yoga classes online.


I got opportunity to try two great tinctures: Valerian and Skullcap which are great for calming body stress, mood improvement and as sleep aid, perfect for this highly stressful period. Highly recommended by whole The MTP team, we are all finally in peace now thanks to Susan.


February 27, 2020 in Vancouver, BC.


Rene Gaviola - The Art of Simple


I met Rene in Little Mountain Neighbourhood House while working on the project for the men support group. He lead a photography workshop for men attending group meetings at LMNHS. Rene's dedication and energy inspires real community feeling, working with him is a true pleasure.


February 22, 2020 in Vancouver, BC.


Trudy Ann's Chai & Spices


We met Trudy at a local fair in Mount Pleasant and were impressed with her energy and attitude. She makes amazing teas (and other products) and will gladly share their stories with you. Now, we are introducing Trudy to all of you as a representative of a true community spirit.





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