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MTP vision is to create world wide art community gathered around the idea of making our world better place through art.

MTP goal is to provide artists with vibrant online environment to create, promote and earn from their art as well as provide clients with quality creative services.

To acheive all this, MTP grouped all activities in three divisons:

MTP Recordings - focused on promoting electronic music producers through Multipraktik Recordings digital label
Multipraktik Recordings is a branch of MTP that is primarily interested in promotion of electronic music, especially artists skilled in multiple areas of audio/visual art and is always open for cooperation with young unsigned artists as well as with established artists.

MTP Solutions - focused on advertising activities
MTP team is here to help shape ideas into tailored marketing products for promoting your music, art or brand. With your input we will manage the entire process from conceptualization, planning, design, development and beyond to provide you with most effective solution. Be it your website, digital marketing campaign or promo event, our approach is to utilize traditional tools, release the creativity and use the latest technologies to turn your ideas into marketing success. 

MTP Community - focused on developing communities in Vancouver BC and world wide
As much as we will all agree that artists (or anyone else for that matter) value their individuality greatly, we can also agree that in order to really strive we all need strong community, be it our fan base, online contacts, family or neighbourhood we live in. MTP Community strongly believes that everything is possible and achievable with good communication and cooperation. Main goal is to get people together through both online campaings and live events in order to build vibrant communities where each individual can strive and feel good.